We all have images of Afghanistan in our head, often shaped and influenced by the media. This video gives you an insight into life in Afghanistan that might change those images.


Hot Spots: Martin Parr in the American South

Es ist zwar schon ein paar Tage her, dass Martin Parr irgendwen mit seinen Fotos überrascht hat, aber das kann seinen Einfluss auf die letzten 20 Jahre Fotografie nicht schmälern.

Freue mich auf diesen Film. Gefunden bei Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek auf Facebook.

(by One Production Place)

NICHE Art & Architecture Tours Berlin Blog: Anarchy/Art

May day chaos! We love some anarchy, but not while we have to work! As we prepared an art tour in the district of Kreuzberg on May 1st, the may day festivities started to turn into riots.

Having to leave our bikes behind, we fought our way through to Cruise & Callas, a gallery in a former…


Spannend ist anders. Das Ende ist schon nach ein paar Seiten abzusehen und wird dann nur noch langatmig erzählt. Man hat zwar das Gefühl, dass den Charakteren eine gewisse Motivation und Tiefe angedichtet werden soll, das gelingt Jussie Adler-Olsen aber überhaupt nicht. Alle Charaktere (auch die, die man schon aus dem ersten Teil kennt) bleiben leider sehr eindimensional. Im derzeitigen Skandinavien-Thriller-Hype scheint es also nicht besonders schwer zu sein auf die Bestsellerlisten zu kommen - und auch noch wochenlang dort zu bleiben.


Artist Clinton Felker gave a small collection of Star Wars characters one of the best looking Samurai redesigns that I have seen.

The feudal force is amazingly strong with this one!

Feudal Japan Star Wars by Clinton Felker (CGPortfolio)

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The Tissue Series are a collection of anatomical cross sections using quilled paper, created by Lisa Nilsson

Today’s theme is turning into paper-based science art, it looks like. First it’s computational origami, now it’s anatomy lessons via quilled paper.

I’m ok with that.

More at Lisa Nilsson’s website.


Facebook’s former head of marketing (and Mark’s sister) is using her social media mojo to coordinate influential people to post about world issues. Your favorite follows just got a lot more earnest. But does caring on social media mean anything in the real world?

Randi Zuckerberg’s “Social Media Syndicate”: Taking On AIDS Armed Only With Online Influence

UPA 2012 blog: How to write a killer proposal for UPA 2012


Photo: Kier Martin

Photo: Kier Martin

Want to be killer? Here’s how:

Sell your idea
You’re writing to impress the reviewers. They have been to plenty of conferences before. They want to see topics that are either new, or presented in a way that’s original and thought-provoking. Write an abstract that…


Military-Industrial Complex - the phrase is familiar, do you know the voice?  Listen to President Eisenhower deliver his Farewell Address from January 17, 1961 here.